Top Four IT Certifications in 2020

With many people trying as much as possible to remain relevant in the job market, it is quite easy to build your IT skills by taking different recommended certifications. Here are the top four certifications you should look at in 2020.

1. Certified Professional Cloud Architect by Google

This course allows IT gurus to become certified cloud architects and work on the Google Cloud Platform. The course was launched in 2017, and since then, it has been one of the most recommended professional IT certifications, especially for cloud architecture. With the certification, one builds capacity in designing, developing, and managing Google’s cloud architecture.


CISM or Certified Information Security Manager is one of the highest paying certifications you will find in 2020. With this certification, you will be well versed in designing and engineering security protocols. The certification also gives you access to personnel beyond the IT department, meaning you will be in contact with the company’s stakeholders.

To be a CISM, you will have to answer about 200 questions on areas such as incident management and information security governance. This shows that the course is not for beginners, but it comes in quite handy as you advance.

3. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Although this certification has been around for some time, it gained back its popularity in 2019. The course is a build-up from the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course, and one is advised to have at least one-year hands-on experience dealing with AWS systems.

Once you have taken the 80 minutes certification exam administered by PSI centers in the country, you can be sure that your competency as an IT practitioner will increase a few notches higher.


The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control examination tests a learner on areas around identification, response, assessment, and mitigation in information systems. It is the ninth most in-demand certification in the country since the evaluation of IT risks has been given a renewed focus.

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There’s a shift in how businesses run their projects with more people working from home. This gives anyone willing to remain relevant in the IT sector a chance to build their skills quickly, and the listed certifications are great places to start.